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Scientific background and objectives

ANR MONetA Program
Money, Reference books, online corpus and scientific disposal

In the third century AD the Roman Empire experienced a drastic change, from which its coinage did not escape. To face the “crisis” that it saw after the end of the Antonine dynasty and that found its acme in the second half of this century, the Roman state played with the instrument of its payments. Inflation, of the minting centers and the monetary tokens, was the most concrete sign of it.
The study of this primary material, essential for the political, economic, and ideological history of the Empire, runs up against the problem of its extreme abundance and wide dispersal. New methods are needed to tackle and manage these masses.

The ANR MONetA project aims at the elaboration of two numismatic bodies of reference, that of Roman provincial coinage from the period of the Severans (193-222 AD) and that of Central Roman coinage from the period of the “crisis of the third century” (268-295 AD), and envisions their disposition in two complementary forms: a paper corpus and open access on-line.